Yahoo is put its chips on the poker table and raised Google by bringing in Alex Stamos as the new VP of Information Security.  And if you’re anything like me, my first thought was that they had hired this guy

john stamos

but this is John Stamos, actor and 90’s heartthrob of hit sitcom Full House.  No Yahoo has not hired John Stamos they’ve hired this guy

alex stamos

Alex Stamos, Alex is not a 90’s heartthrob actor from the hit sitcom Full House.  This dude is an outspoken critic of US internet surveillance program PRISM and former CTO of Artemis. As a leading authority on all things internet Security he is one of the worlds most sought after keynote speakers regarding the subject and an avid twitter and slideshare user.  Making a nice change as majority of Yahoo’s SM feeds are mediocre at best.

He has been described as a “veteran information security researcher known for his authoritative expertise in cloud computing, web, mobile and network applications security and beyond” by contributor Kim Lachance Shandrow. He has spoken at  FS-ISAC,  BlackHat, DEF CON, Microsoft Blue Hat and Infragard and was a key organizer of TrustyCon.  If hackers are the bad guys of the internet, then “yippee ki yay mutherF^&*” Alex Stamos is the John Mclane for Yahoo. 

Google its your play now….

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