The Xbox One X has launched today in New Zealand, and for Xbox One players they may feel like they are already feeling pressured to buy the new console, so whether you are one of the many waiting for your pre-order to arrive or just simply waiting to see what the fuss is about here are 5 Key points you should know about the Xbox One X for New Zealand players

1. All Xbox One games work on the Xbox One X

This also includes your xbox game pass and and xbox one backward compatible titles.

Subscriptions and xbox accessories will also work on the xbox one x including the Xbox One Kinect.

2. Xbox One X has 6 teraflops which makes it the most powerful console on the market…so far

Tera means a million, FLOPS is an acronym for floating point operations per second.  So the Xbox One X renders graphics and game physics to make it behave faster, essentially at 6 trillion floating point operations per second. The Xbox One had 1.3 teraflops (1.4 if you got the xbox one s) so basically its like 6 times faster than your normal xbox one.

3. You don’t need a 4k tv.

The Xbox One X does not require a 4K TV, the power of the xbox one x allows developers to use techniques like supersampling (a way that developers improve graphic fidelity), anisotropic filtering (enhancing quality of textures on surfaces) and help improve a better 1080p image.

Although if you have a 4K tv because of this you should see a remarkable change in game quality.

4. There will be no Xbox One specific games or Xbox One X

Its just one standard of all games and they will all work on the Xbox one consoles

5. You can transfer all games and settings to an Xbox One X

Because all your Xbox one games are stored in your account, and your account is stored in the cloud, all you will have to do is log in with your existing account and re-download the games you like.  All your progress, achievements, friends etc will still be the same

The Xbox One X is priced at $749 NZD from the microsoft store