Forget the GIF, out with the JPEG, even PNG is no longer in.  Well thats what Google would want you to think, but as Tumblr and Imgur will tell you, it will take more than a chrome upgrade to get rid of these old image formats.

Google announced a upgrade to WebP (googles own imaging format) that has increased browser displays by 25% and reduced file sizes.  Which is a great if you’re a web designer or developer working in heavy image environments.   WebP works by throwing away data in original images, and PNG’s alpha transparency, significantly reducing file size (especially PNG by a 3x size reduction).  It also works in a loseless mode for logos and corporate images. And Google is forcing its image format by introducing WebP to Youtube thumbnail images supposedly resulting in a 10% faster load time speed.

Google Product Manager Husain Bengali said on his blog “All the rollouts within Google combined have raised our aggregate data transfer savings tally to tens of terabytes every day,” meaning faster page load times and fewer bytes counted against metered data plans.

The introduction of WebP to Youtube does display the immense power Google has over internet formats and the web moving forward. It may just be a matter of time until the trusty JPEG & animated GIF are but memories tucked away with dial up and rotating dial phones.

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