Let it be known that 2015 is the year that wearable tech came of age.

We here at Hashtag ME have had a love hate relationship with smartwatches for the past 3 years, starting with the Samsung Gear in the early days and moving on to the LG watch we were excited by the technology but it never looked good or really gave us what we expected from a gadget on our wrist. However the latest generation of wearable have finally brought them closer to how we expect them to work.

But most companies just haven’t gotten the look right! A smartwatch isn’t just a gadget, it sits precariously on the edge of being both tech and jewellery. So that begs the question, why for so long have they been so damned ugly? For a very long time they seem to have been designed to look like the smartphones they are intended to be paired with instead of an elegantly designed fashion accessory.


This is where I honestly think Huawei have beaten every smartwatch on the market right now!

Now I really think I need to clear up something here before we go on. Over the last year I have travelled to Singapore on Huaweis wallet (where I first laid eyes on a very early version of the watch) , I have use the P8 for months and was even quoted on their NZ advertising campaign in their Mall campaign. so I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone assumed I was bias towards their products. So before I even took ownership of the new Huawei watch I made a point of wearing the new Sony Smartwatch 3 and the new Samsung Gear S2 so I had genuine reference points going forward.

Google wear:

huawei-watch 2Now the Huawei Watch does not stand out here due to the fact that it does run a stock version of googles smartwatch OS. Both the Sony Smartwatch 3 and the Huawei watch run relatively similar versions of Google wear. Where Huawei have made theirs stand out is that they have run firmware updates recently to tweak the hardware to be more accurate when reporting things such as step counts and heart rate to googles health app.

Huawei worked very closely with Google over the past year on the watch so no surprises how smoothly it does run.

And now that Wear is compatible with iOS as well as google Android it is a great option for EVERYONE!

Designed thoughtfully:

Huawei Watch (PRNewsFoto/Huawei Consumer Business Group)

Bar none, this is the best looking wearable on the market. This is very hard for even Apple fans I have spoken to debate. The model I have is the stainless steal mesh band version and it looks amazing.

I have caught myself many times this week looking at the fine details such as how the mesh band is joined seamlessly to the connector in wonder, the strap looks both classy and casual and looks to have had an immense amount of engineering put into the design.

The body is carved out of a solid piece of stainless and is clean, comfortable and quite bespoke to look at, even the position of the home button looks as great as it is functional. Thought as even been put into the smaller things that actually matter such as the charger, It is a magnetic disc that snaps onto the back side of the watch without having to fiddle around with uncovering badly positioned charge ports some other watches I have tried seem to struggle with.

unnamedIt is an attention grabbing design that has started numerous conversations this week on how beautiful it is, and this is just the mid-range model. I have also had the privilege to have worn the rose gold model (only for a few moments) and it is even more stunning!

Are there any issues?

Yes, but they are more niggles. I’d love it if the heart rate monitor was always on instead of having to prompt a heart rate check. I’d love it if it was a wee bit thinner. But all in all I do think this is the finest smartwatch on the market right now!

Prices start at around $700 so it isn’t a cheap gadget, but it also doesn’t feel or look like one. This is a high end device that looks like and wears like a high class timepiece