You’ve just hopped off the train after a long day at work, it’s pouring and you walked to the train station that morning.

You need to call an uber, but first, you need to find a dry spot so you can.

You spend the next 10-15mins trying to order an uber while wiping water off your screen, shivering and wondering why you just didnt drive to the train station that morning.

Well that may be the thing of the past.

While smart cars are all the rage, Uber is trying to get a product out to you that can you use now and in the future.

Partnering with ArabiaWeatherIc, the two tech companies will leverage each others’ technologies to provide people with a reliable weather forecast and an Uber ride when they need it the most and at the push of a single button, and especially during severe weather conditions.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with a pioneering company such as Uber, which has demonstrated true leadership in the sharing economy and the realm of innovative technologies.

There is a natural synergy between the services that we each provide due to a strong positive correlation between weather and people’s behavior in choosing their preferred mode of transportation.

Both of our companies are aiming to provide the public with the tools they need to seamlessly plan, prepare and conduct their lives,” said Mohammed Al Shaker, ArabiaWeather Founder, and CEO.

(Ahhhh who the hell uses the word synergy????)

Anyways the companies have started off their new friendship with cheap codes for users.

Keep your eyes posted as these two companies synergize their technologies….lord help me.