Behind closed doors Twitter testified to the Intelligence Committee that it had identified and removed 22 accounts directly linked to about 500 fake Facebook pages or profiles tied to Russia and unearthed an additional 179 accounts that were related.

But Twitter’s presentation to the committee “showed an enormous lack of understanding from the Twitter team of how serious this issue is,” said Senator Mark Warner, and he was particularly pissed that Twitter confined its review to accounts linked to fake profiles already spotted by Facebook.

Twitter released a statement today stating it respects the integrity of the election process and will continue to strengthen Twitter against attempted manipulation, including malicious automated accounts and spam.

But even Twitter’s statement seemed a half arsed attempt to show it cares… when it obviously doesn’t.

Neither the original accounts shared by Facebook, nor the additional related accounts we identified, were registered as advertisers on Twitter.

But the fact that Twitter did not even compile its own investigation, relying on Facebook’s data to work with, highlights one of two things.

1. Twitter aren’t actually that smart and don’t have the analysis capability to begin with.

2. Or they are just assholes.

The US suspect social networks may have played a big role in Moscow’s attempts to spread propaganda, sow political discord in the United States and help elect President Donald Trump.

Twitter intends to introduce new and escalating enforcements for suspicious logins, tweets and engagements to combat attacks or manipulations.

The investigation continues and will see Twitter, Facebook and Google pulled back into the investigation room next month.