Twitter has been told off, well told off in the sense that the social media platform was threatened with regulation from the United States after failing to do pretty much anything over the political spending disclosures (or lack of) in relation to the Russian investigation.

Twitter did a piss poor investigation after Facebook and Google’s disclosure and as a result has said it will start a website so people could see identities of buyers, targeted demographics and total ad spend by election advertisers.

The attempts at self-regulation by Facebook and Twitter have not satisfied lawmakers.

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar said in a statement that Twitter’s announcement was “no substitute for updating our laws.” A Democrat, she is co-sponsoring legislation that would make disclosures mandatory.

The new approach to ads would be visible in people’s Twitter feeds, where election ads would have the label “promoted by political account,” the company said.

“To make it clear when you are seeing or engaging with an electioneering ad, we will now require that electioneering advertisers identify their campaigns as such,” Bruce Falck, Twitter’s general manager of revenue product, said in the blog post.