A 98yr old women traveller named Noodle is using her apple watch to check in with family as she travels the world.

FallCall Solutions LLC recently provided the nonagenarian world traveler with a new app designed to help seniors share wellness information with a caregiver using Apple Watch® or iPhone®.

The app, ElderCheck Now®, is designed to put caregivers at ease by allowing them to receive important heart rate, GPS location and simple communications from an elder they care for.

“Most families would be more than a little concerned about a 98-year-old Grandmother departing for month long European tour,” stated Kristin Gregg MD, Connecticut Physician and Co-Founder of FallCall Solutions LLC, developer of ElderCheck Now. “My grandmother, nicknamed ‘Noodle,’ and I wanted to demonstrate how Elders can be active and explore their world, while still feeling the safety of being connected to the ones that care for them.”

Eldercheck Now functionalities
Elder check Now functionalities

ElderCheck Now provides assurance to caregivers as today’s seniors are becoming more and more active. By pressing either “I’m OK” or “Call Me” on ElderCheck Now’s simple to use, two-button interface, the app will collect the most recent heart rate sample and GPS location and transmit the information back to a caregiver.

As Noodle traveled through Europe for a month long expedition, she used ElderCheck Now to check-in with her family. She also shared photos and videos of her journey that were posted to FallCall Solution’s Facebook page. “Noodle’s journey really helped other seniors to connect with the idea that telemonitoring technology like ElderCheck Now could help enrich their lives.

We are hoping to inspire more seniors to embrace these new apps and give them the confidence that they need to get out on their own adventures,” claims Kristin. “Even if that adventure is as simple as a walk to the park or the supermarket, just knowing that my Grandmother is okay while she is out helps us both put our worries aside and go on living our lives.”

The ElderCheck Now app is currently available at a limited time promotional price on the App Store® of just $5.99 (reg. $8.99) and requires downloads to caregiver and elder devices for functionality. System requirements: IOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch.