Out of all of the games from this generation of consoles – which games would you say have revolutionised or impacted you…so far?

This list (and it is totally up for debate) takes a look at this generations’ Xbox one, Playstation 4 and Wii  U and the argument has to be that the game was a game changer in some way.

Meaning games didn’t have to be popular, or even successful but they did have to challenge the expectations of gaming.

Here is the list we have so far:

10. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5

While technically it is a last generation game it came into its own on Xbox one and Ps4 mainly due to its consistent and free updates that added to its appealing playability.

Grand Theft despite being released in 2013 is still considered by many to be one of the most playable games for console gamers.


9. Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League was the first game of this generation that got widespread attention for purely just being fun but it was its ability to unite players of many genres that has earned Rocket League its spot on this list.

8. Until Dawn

The first mainstream first party title used ‘pick a path’ style of gaming previously done by telltale games.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn earns its place in this list for mixing pick a path with the graphics only expected from an AAA title while utilising a script and cast that could have come straight out of Netflix, challenging story based games to adopt what would normally be considered a tv style of storytelling.


7. Fallout 4

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 earns its place in this list purely due to its adoption of DLC which has extended the gameplay beyond what most games have achieved.

Exploration is the appealing factor of this game and like a series, Bethesda have released features and map extensions increasing the games playability leaving players hungering for more.

Had Minecraft come out on this generation, Fallout 4 may not have been able to secure its place.

6. The Crew


The Crew suffered many delays, harrowing reviews and server issues upon its release.  It’s poor storytelling and frustrating microtransactions left many annoyed, however, it was the open world gameplay, that the Crew despite itself, truly reigned.

The playground was massive, awesome and even though the graphics were disappointing, The crew pushed the gameplay limits of open world with multiple players on the new generation consoles and was the first game to give you a true insight of what was to be expected from the new console generation of games.

5. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Everybodys Gone to the Rapture

Gaming is about the experience and Everybody’s gone to the rapture rewards you with a fulfilling journey that will leave you with a powerful emotional response.

While others argue that the Rapture model is the complete opposite of game script writing (that the backstory is more enjoyable than the gameplay), others are left emotionally wrecked after playing.  The fact that this game impacts and challenges the style of story based gaming earns it its place on this list.

4. The Order 1886


Okay, so this was a short game and equally shorter gameplay but hear me out.  The cinematic quality of this game is yet to be matched, with every detail in The Order, from the cobblestones to the outfits detail, so precise it raised the expectation of gameplay art.

While most of the game made you wish you could just watch as the cinematic quality played out before you, may have also been its downfall.

However, the Order 1886 did raise expectations of graphics in the new generation console gaming world and reviewers expectations of game art meant they would no longer settle for second rate graphics (as evident in The Crew) so as a result comes fourth in the list.

3. Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Seige

Rainbow six seige

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six siege was a new revolution in first person shooting genre that made it impossible for the game to be completed without fellow team members actually communicating as a team.

Because of this design, game tensions created resulted in enjoyable gameplay with promises of continual gameplay content to extend the life of the game.

2. PT


The game that never happened… and never will.  But what PT did do was revolutionise the survival horror gaming genre by moving the game to first person, bringing back puzzle solving and combining the elements of visual and sound to intensify the psychological thrill survival horror gaming fans thrive off.

As simple as it sounds, the PT release forced Resident Evil franchise makers to change their upcoming game to use the same elements and move the gameplay to first person to appease the survival horror gaming fans.

1.  Ark


Technically not officially released yet, but the game is available thanks to early access.

What makes this game revolutionary is its mashup of genres (action, adventure, survival) gameplay into a sandbox and open world environment… plus it has dinosaurs.

Creatures in the game have predator hierarchies, there is an endgame and it features support for virtual reality with the component being designed into the game from the beginning.

As a result, this unique mashup and future thinking has earned its rank in the top 10.

Are there other games you think should be involved? Enter your games comments and the reasoning why it was revolutionary for this generation’s consoles and we will change the list accordingly.