The reason why I may have never heard of Luxy, is because of the fact that I am both of these two things.

  1. Married
  2. I am most definitely not rich

But if you have, you must be a very fortunate person indeed.

Luxy is a luxury dating site that caters to the 1%.   That’s right, it is the millionaire’s tinder.

But this isn’t what this story is about.

Luxy ran a poll last week, and found 40% of millionaires thought Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump to be unsuitable candidates for the presidential election, whilst 32% in favor of Trump and only 29% in favor of Clinton.

With the overwhelming majority of millionares being unimpressed with either candidate, this is an alarming figure coming from those who are the most successful in society.

This further proves to substantiate the suggestion by numerous news sources, the contemporary presidential nominees have been the most unpopular in history, with both candidates being deemed untrustworthy even by members of their own party.

So while you digest that not even the 1% are happy with US politics, I’m going to sit here and contemplate the fact there is a millionaires version of tinder.