Shit is about to get weird, as now your workmates, family, and friends can help you with the life-altering decision to “swipe left or right?” as Tinder is transferring from the small mobile screen to the midscreen…your laptop.

Picture this…. a group of your closest mates (or random colleagues) all gathered around your screen, cracking jokes, picturing what type of person they are, insisting you swipe right, arguments ensue, all of which started by a profile pic.

Picture it no longer, it is now a reality.

In a blog post, Tinder announced “Tinder Online”

“Tinder Online [is] a fun, new web experience, and your English professor’s worst nightmare. Mobile phones not allowed in class? Just fire up your laptop and swipe incognito. Cubicle life got you down? Now you can toggle between spreadsheets and Super Likes in a flash. “Not Enough Storage?” Not a problem. Don’t let life get in the way of your Tinder game. With Tinder Online, you can swipe anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. And while the online experience is slightly more limited than the mobile app experience (for now), it’s still the Tinder you know and love.”

Created for those poor souls who are unable to get 4G, have memory challenged phones or limited access to bundled deals, Tinder online will help solve all of those who cannot access the app, and bring it to a desktop/laptop near you.

Tinder is also testing the ability to login via sms for those regions who have limited Facebook access… which if my memory serves me right, the only countries who actively restrict FB is China and Iran.

Tinder Online is currently being tested in a handful of countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, and Sweden.

Yep…shit is going to get weird…