The antihero vigilante Punisher has just dropped and it’s bloody and gory and everything the Punisher really is.

And his back story is just as intriguing as his antics (at least in the comics).

In the comics Frank (a US Marine) has returned from a tour and takes his family out for a lovely trip to the park…where they witness a mafia style assassination in the form of a lynching.

Seeking to eliminate all witnesses the mafia intend to murder Franks whole whanau (family).

They succeed partially, leaving Frank struggling to stay alive in a hospital bed.

Once fully recovered and able to name all of the shooters, the police are unable to imprison the killers, and once Frank is better so begins his quest for justice.

And justice for Frank comes in the form of death.

Frank who takes on the persona of the Punisher, has no superhero powers and relies on just his wit and his very very big muscles to exact his revenge.

And his trail of blood and guts left behind him, as he seeks all who had a hand in his family’s murder, makes him the most dangerous criminal in the world.

In the comics Frank who actually debuted on Spider Man has come across Daredevil, hides as a black man (after a series of treatments) with the hero for hire Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Nick Fury… just to name a few.

And not all of these heroes are fans of Frank’s solutions, which are always final.

Because Frank has a more homicidal nature, Frank doesn’t have that many recurring nemesis, the few who do manage to return being very lucky exceptions, this lucky crew involve Jigsaw and Kingpin (who is also Spidermans and Daredevil’s) arch nemesis.

Will any of these characters make it to the Punisher series?

Probably not, Punisher showed up in Daredevil season 2 and to be honest all I remember is Punisher and thinking that Daredevil is a pussy little bitch so no, crossovers will probably be more carefully planned so he doesn’t steal the show.

As for whether this series takes Marvel’s made for tv series down a darker path as some sites have been questioning, I would have to say.. “are you crazy?”

Jessica Jones set the tone of Marvel turning a dark path, she fought a mind controlling, torturing rapist, in which her redemption is realised when she snaps her nemesis neck.

So no, I don’t think Punisher set the tone, I think the Punisher carries the torch and sets the whole place on fire.