Tesla is breaking away from Nvidia for its cars information and entertainment and will instead be powered by Intel.

The Tesla’s “affordable” Model 3 and new versions of its cars will now be using the new Intel processing modules according to a report from bloomberg.

This is a huge hit to the Nvidia company who last week discovered rumours that Tesla would be partnering with AMD to power its supercomputers.

Nvidia’s “super computer” allows for full self driving capability, delivering more than 40 times the processing power of the previous system, running an Tesla-developed neural net for vision, sonar, and radar processing.

But Tesla is also always iterating on its hardware, and for this it has joined AMD with the first samples of the processor prototype already received for testing.

Tesla’s autopilot business is run by Jim Keller, who previously spent much of his career at AMD, and then at Apple, where he helped design the Apple A4 and A5 in-house processors.

It is expected that this has influenced the decision for Tesla to move away from Nvidia in favour for AMD and Intel.