Do tech companies actually innovate anymore or do they just sue the shit out of each other for “patent infringements”?

In the latest round of lawsuits, iRobot is suing The Hoover Co and Black & Decker Corp for using its patented technology without permission.

Apparently Hoover and Black & Decker infringe on several of its patents which cover the idea of an autonomous floor-cleaning robot.

Now, this could be true, however, I have a massive concern.

Improvements come from iterations.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that blatantly ripping off someone is not cool and that a is a loss of income that is suffered by the creator.

I’m not even saying not to sue to protect substandard copies from being distributed.

What I am saying is that technology advances based on improvements.  If it didn’t we would still be using the telegraph instead of the mini computers we call mobile phones that we currently have today.

And all these lawsuits seem to just prevent technology advancing in the hopes to grab cash rather than protecting one’s claim to fame.

Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook – you name it.  Have all sued the shit out of everyone and anyone.

Infact Apple holds the title of being thee most sued tech company in the world.

And all of these tech  companies have one thing in common.

They haven’t come up with a new piece of technology.

The last was probably Google glass in 2014 AR, quickly followed by Occulus rift, VR and Microsoft Hololens VR & AR in 2015.

Apple’s true last invention was probably the Apple IIE with everything being an iteration of a product that already existed and Samsung a fridge that orders your milk.

Now I know all of these peeps have R&D labs, probably stuffed with cool inventions that will blow your mind.

However half of these will probably infringe on someones patent.

Meanwhile small companies who have made a cool iteration of a product also face being sued for even considering making a product better.

The end result – We have cellphones that come in larger sizes rather than the development of cellphones with a battery life that goes beyond 2 days a big deal.

We have washing machines that take up a shitload of space (and why are they always white or silver?) and we have cheap cars that still use expensive fossil fuels and expensive cars that use cheap electricity.

Technology companies can go on all they like about being innovative.

But suing innovation doesn’t make you innovative.

I know where I would rather put my money and it wouldn’t be to a bunch of lawyers.

Rant over

Charis McAwesome