I’m not sure whether you can call superhuman sports an actual sport, but then once upon a time who thought playing video games would be considered a sport either?

Enter into the arena…Japan (of course).

The Superhuman Sports society based in Tokyo, hope to make Japan’s 2020 Olympic games a little bit more interesting with Superhuman sports.

The idea is essentially mixing technology with some sports combining the fantasy world of gaming or pop culture.

“Thanks to technology we can now stabilises, reinforces and expands human abilities.

Everyone can get a superhuman power, levelling the playing field and smoothing the difference between the capacities of everyone.

Our aim is to create sports where human and machines combine, by creating ourselves into a “device-integrated” human.

With superhuman abilities such as extended strength, flying, teleportation, super dynamic vision, provided by the latest advanced technologies like radio controlled drones, VR and AR, the player can enjoy sports, with their newly accquired skill.” says the society.

Now I’m not entirely convinced this isn’t just pure fun, rather than skill, but I’m not opposed to the idea of combing technology and sports, and the introduction of VR as an e-sport definitely piques my interest and believe this is teetering at the edge of some actual real possibilities.

To give you an idea of what has been achieved so far (and the possible opportunities), here is a video of last years Superhuman games

Now while not all of these sports are high tech, like Rockhand.


Rockhand takes a more fantasy gaming approach where you are ‘reliving’ a battle which appeared in a cartoon – the idea is you smash each other’s rock “arms’ until the rocks fall off.  The winner is the one who has the most rocks attached to their arms.

Then there are sports like Hado Kart…. which is basically a real life Mario kart.

Hado kart, combines kart making with AR, where you wear a head mounted display combined with motion sensors to shoot your opponents with virtual magical


you could do Hover crosse.  Like lacrosse…but with Hoverboards.

The superhuman sports society are looking for creators whether you are a designer, programmer, illustrator, cartoonist or your own org to help create sports that combine technology, sports and pop culture.

You can visit the Superhuman Sports society here should you wish to contribute the society with your sport creation skills.