/Sunset Overdrive – Review – Xbox One

Sunset Overdrive – Review – Xbox One

Sunset Overdrive is an XBOX ONE exclusive developed by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft Studios.

Sunset_Overdrive_forall_NighttimeFrom its bright and colourful outset this open world third person shooter game blew me away! It draws aspects of play style such as the jumping and rail grinding of the Tony Hawk Skateboard series and throws in a good dose of lunacy. Visually fantastic, with colours so vivid it makes your eyes smile.

The single player campaign starts off with an energy drink launch party in Sunset City where your character is employed and quickly escalates into a high speed parkour awesomepocalypse.

Sunset overdrive is a high speed action adventure ride with attitude. Fizzco have rushed their new energy drink OverCharge Delirium XT to market only to find that drinking it turns people into murderous mutants that you now have the pleasure of battling.

2_herker_droneThe storyline finds you working with other survivors in Sunset City to find a way to escape the mutants and deadly Fizzco robots to restore normal life. The interaction between the narrator and the main character adds a humour not often found in the more serious shooters we have come to expect in recent times. The game flows brilliantly with bouncing, grinding, swinging and wall running making for a fast paced thrill ride.

Weapons have been pieced together from objects such as teddy bears, dynamite, old vinyl records and much more hilarious combinations. A personal favourite is “the Dude” a gun that fires bowling balls which is a homage to the Coen brothers’ film, the Big Lebowski. Sounds pretty straight forward but as you make headway you will find some intriguing plot twists that keep the excitement and hilarity in full swing.

Complete tasks, collect items, unlock new weapons and AMP them up! Amps are special abilities you can equip to customize your character. Want to ignite a nuclear explosion? Slap on the “Twist of Fate.” Or use “Tornado Spin” to whip-up a twister with your melee attacks. With over fifty Amps and a vast number of possible combinations, Amps are how Sunset Overdrive lets you be you or at least a version of you that flings lightning and can summon the Grim Reaper.

The early stages make for a steady but easy going learning curve that introduces you to the controls and various menus. I really do find it hard to put this game down and if not for having to work and sleep I could easily find myself investing serious hours in Sunset City. The game offers not only a fantastic single player campaign but also online awesomeness that will keep you and your friends giggling for months to come.

Chaos Squad means you can join with up to 7 other players (8 total) to take on the challenges of Sunset City. The harder the challenge – the greater the reward. It all caps off with a bang during Night Defence. Join Chaos Squad at any time from the single-player and ALL your sweet rewards can be carried over between modes seamlessly.

While this game may not suit everyone’s tastes I strongly recommend giving it a try. If not for the beautiful graphic styling or fantastic way of getting around at high speed, then for the chance to wear a lucha mask and lacy underwear while smashing mutants with crazy weapons. Dying in a game has never been this cool, the ‘respawn’ animations are, well, to die for.

WHAT IS SUNSET OVERDRIVE IN 10 WORDS OR LESS? Insomniac games sum it up pretty well themselves – Open-world carnage, unconventional weapons, high-velocity action.