It started off relatively boring, I was supposed to be streaming a ‘Help Me Review’ livestream on twitch but had forgotten to download the game I was supposed to be reviewing.

So decided instead of streaming that I would play the hit game with over 100 million downloads, Candy Crush via Facebook Gamesroom (the desktop version of facebook games).

Well if you are one of the 100 million who have downloaded Candy Crush you would know that Candy Crush only gives you 5 lives.

I spent those 5 lives pretty quickly, so started to look for a game I could fill up the last minutes of my stream with.

That’s when I saw it.

Like an oasis in a desert, or more appropriately like Luke Skywalkers light saber called to Rey, so did this game I had never heard of, call to me.

“play me” it whispered and then it gave me a vision of myself spending countless hours in front of the computer transfixed, wanting more, defeating the Empire alongside Chewbacca, Han solo, Luke and Princess Leia

I squealed with delight…it did not disappoint.

First I heard the music, then I read the opening, then I went through the tutorial, then I built a Rebellion base on Tatooine.

And the whole entire time I was excited.

The vision was becoming a reality.

Seriously this trailer does not do this game justice. 

How the ‘f’ in fartsland did I not know this was a thing?  I love Star Wars!

In my home I have original promotion materials from the release of the first Star Wars film, I have toys of these characters from all three trilogies.

Surely this is just a new thing?

Well I was wrong.

Star Wars: Commanders has been around since 2014 thanks to Disney who released the game to help unveil an animated movie, “Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion”.

I briefly remember talking about this on one of our podcasts…and giving it total shitballs.

Well its time for me to eat those shitballs cause Mama is liking what she played.

Star Wars:  Commanders is a free to play game for IOS, Android, Windows phones and Windows Devices which can be downloaded on Play, iTunes Store and Amazon or Facebook GamesRoom (which if you download on your phone you can open up on Facebook Gameroom and it will take you to where you left off).

An RPG strategy style game you choose whether you will fight for the Rebellion or go the dark side and fight for the empire as you find yourself on Tatooine.

It will take you through a tutorial where you find out you can join a squad (and then start a squad war with other squads), build your base, fight and gain more soldiers.screencapture

In my first 30 minutes I squealed like a pig in mud when I was given Chewwy and a visit from the dark lord Darth Vader himself and got me some droids.

You can also visit friends bases, find a match to beat other people’s bases or play in basically story mode.

Disney are constantly providing DLC’s for this game to keep you engaged with new challenges, characters, quests, everything.

So hooked am I with this game I still forgot to download the game Im supposed to be reviewing.

But should you want to play (and I highly recommend it) feel free to add me, I’m SparklesGalatic… cause nothing brings fear to the Empire like sparkles.

(Also protip to get more crystals clear rocks with your droid)
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