If you’ve listened to the podcast or follow me on twitter (@charismcawesome) you will know that I am a smart watch hater.  As far as I’m concerned technology is supposed to make your life easier and at the moment the ‘wearable tech’ coming out from large companies doesn’t do that.  It merely adds to the daily grind of life, especially watches – where large corporate tech companies believe we really do want two devices to charge instead of one.

Having tried a few smart watches myself already, Im still a smart watch hater.  Earlier editions of watches felt like I had a calculator strapped to my wrist.  (Which by the way is not a standard app, you generally have to download a calculator app for your smart watches). Smart watch earlier editions of huge bulky block severely clashed with anything I wore and stood out like a sore thumb…or like Google glasses or blue tooth earpieces.  My biggest piece of complaint is Smart watches need to sync to your phone in order to operate properly.  Which to me defied the point of having a smart watch.  On an average morning, I come into work, place my phone beside me and If I moved from my desk I would have to take my phone.   My belief for Smart watches is that if I moved away from my desk, I wouldn’t have to worry about taking my phone.  I was wrong.   And I found being notified every time a notification came through just did my head in.  I receive 200 emails a day not including my social notifications…for someone like me I felt I got no rest….except when I wasn’t anywhere near my phone.  However I am aware that there are Smart watch converts out there, and I’m eager to discover what I have obviously sorely missed in the wave of smart watches.   Because truly, the only thing I enjoyed about having a Smart Watch, was the time telling aspect….yes I liked the watch part.

04 SmartWatch 3 stainless steel lifestyle 2

So when Sony notified us of the CES release of Smartwatch 3 I groaned. From a glance, the Smartwatch 3 does what I expect all SmartWatches to do. Powered by Android Wear you are notified anytime your phone is notified.  Social notifications, email notifications, personalised commuting info its all there. Its water protected…not sure entirely what that means but would be safe to assume that it means you cannot go swimming with it. Otherwise it would say waterproof.

The Smartwatch 3  features a 1.6” 320×320 TFT LCD Transflective display for visibility in bright sunlight, and is customisable, allowing users to customise the Smartwatch 3 with any standard 24mm strap as well as also coming in a stainless steel look.  Which actually makes the watch look like a watch and not a box strapped to your wrist.smartwatchmetal

What I like and probably interests me the most (in comparison to other smart watches) however is Sony’s collaboration with LifeLog, Golfshot and iFit to work on the Smartwatch 3’s standalone capacity.  Even without your Android smartphone, SmartWatch 3 standalone functionality features include native music playback, intelligent sensor technology and a unique inbuilt GPS sensor…..Finally I feel like we are beginning to get somewhere.

Truth be told, I do like the fact Smart watches are beginning to look like watches, and the Smartwatch 3 stainless steel edition will make a great guy present. At this stage it looks a little too manly and wide for my petite ladylike qualities to be seen gracing my wrist :/ .

Spec wise…Sony has taken on Apple watch…except the Sony Smartwatch3 is more aesthetically pleasing. Featuring 1.6-inch 320×320 LCD screen, its exactly the same as the Apple. 512MB / Internal: 4000 B, Up to 2 days battery life, 1.2GHz CPU / Quad ARM A7 processor and all your other bits and bobs one would expect.  Priced in NZ from $320-399NZD.  If you’re a smartwatch fan, you’ll probably love this.  For me….ahhhhh I might a wait bit longer and see where this goes.




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