Fake news is a widespread problem amplified by social media platforms.

News that looks real but is really mostly fake has come to the attention of most due to its impact on elections.

Nate Dern, Senior Writer at the celebrity-studded site Funny or Die.com says Fake News depends upon a climate of intellectual laziness.

While outcries for individuals and organizations to become more responsible are often well-intentioned, they do not make for a sustainable solution long term.

The key is to turn individuals from passive news consumers into active participants with a vested interest in accuracy and outcomes.

So knewQ.com, created by Nate Dern, is offering an unusual tool, a game of predictions.

This private app allows users to predict the future, follow the predictions of others, and to have those predictions scored as the facts unfold. To facilitate all this, KnewQ logs and scores everyone’s predictions.

Over time, meaningful track records for individuals can be generated, helping separate the signal from the noise in today’s social media, where too often opinion drowns out wisdom and good judgement.

By utilising comedy the app will allows users to post their predictions right alongside those of celebrities and see how their scores compare.

Comedy is central to their strategy, and Dern is actively recruiting some of the funniest people from all across the web to join the platform.

“We recognized early on that the content has to be sufficiently engaging if we’re ever going to acquire the scale to meaningfully address the problem. But it’s not only comedians. We’re signing up pundits from every domain including former White House officials, professional athletes, authors, tv commentators, and more.”

Still in its beta state the app is focusing on improving the experience and is currently accepting a small number of individuals to participate in the private beta.

“We’re focused primarily on improving the experience rather than growing the numbers, but we quickly realized that there is a community of like minded enthusiasts out there motivated by these same problems. We wanted to provide some outlet for them to get involved and share their energy,” Dern said.

How the prediction app will solve the issue of fake news is still yet to be seen or clearly described however there are  some predictions that knewQ have placed on the website to give you an insight into the app.

Variety Magazine predicted that Rock and Roll would be gone by June…. June 1965
Thomas Frey is an American futurist and celebrity Speaker
Nikola Tesla predicted that we would have devices to transmit messages all over the world
Margaret Thatcher, also known as the Iron Lady was the first female appointed Prime Minister in England
While his prediction of the automobile was wrong, the president of the Michigan Savings Bank also failed to predict the banks own demise when it failed during the Great Depression

Based on this the app will more likely turn people into aspiring Nostradamus’s.