WhatsApp if you didn’t already know, what was bought in February for a whopping $19 million, pretty much setting up WhatsApp Founders and its employees for life and one hell of a party. Instagram was bought for $1bn last year and Youtube all those years ago was bought $1.65bn.  Facebook is worth one half of the world, Twitter is worth around the same amount as Facebook bought WhatsApp and SnapChat for some reason is valued at $2Bn.  Myspace’s value was last estimated in 2013 at around 500 million while the anticipated relaunch of Bebo is keeping its value at the $1million it was bought back for after losing 849 million.  Combine the worth of these companies alone and you could probably end World Hunger for an eternity.

“Combine the worth of these companies alone and you could probably end World hunger for an eternity”


With numbers like these constantly gracing the business, tech and finance headlines, its no wonder that so many eager tech students are hoping to create the next Facebook.  All coffee’d out, sugar hyped and sleep deprived, tech geeks around the world are looking to recreate the next social media platform that will introduce them to a lifestyle beyond comprehension.  Unfortunately recreation of something already there is not the best way to start your ultra lavish lifestyle.  And heavens knows we don’t want a silicon valley of Hollywood, where every 3yrs there’s another trilogy release of Myspace or Twitter.

“And heavens knows we don’t want a Silicon Valley of Hollywood, where every 3years there’s another trilogy release of Myspace or Twitter”

Infact frustration is probably going to be your best muse for creating the next big thing.  WhatsApp (according to silicon valley legend) was created because co- founder Jan Koum was banned from using his cellphone in the gym.  Frustrated at missing important calls he set out to create an app that could solve his dilemma.  And don’t be worried if you didn’t make it into those big tech companies, it may actually have been for the better.  Co-founder of Whats App actually met Koum after trying to get jobs at twitter and Facebook!  4years later…..and the rest is 19billion worth of history.

Youtube was inspired by one of the founders being unable to view the infamous wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson and conspirator Justin Timberlake online.   Intrigued by its virality online despite there being no platform in which to easily share the video.  The youtube founders ditched their dating site idea to build the only way now, to watch an infamous wardrobe malfunction.

Bebo has a fascinating inspirational story with the Birch family having tried three other startups unsuccessfully.  But it was the original first idea and inspiration that resulted in Bebo. Michael Birch had wanted to make an self updating address book via emails that friends and accquanticies could use to get further contact information.    This dream initially failed along with other 2 other ventures before Michael returned to tackle his first dream head on.   And its believed because of the Birch’s initial experiences that its credited the success of Bebo leading to its 850 million sale.

Facebook of course has quite a controversial inspiration beginning and the story depends on whom you talk to.  If you talk to zuckerberg’s high school friends they will tell you the idea came from what students refereed to as the ‘the physical Facebook officially called ‘the photo address book” A online photo book of students.  Harvard students will advise that he was inspired to create Facebook after creating Facemash.  Zuckerburg will tell you Facebook was created after a desire to connect all university students together all over the world, while the Winklevoss brothers will tell you it was their idea of building harvardconnection.com that inspired Zuckerburg to create Facebook an identical replica according o the handsome twin brothers.

Twitter is another site with controversial beginnings.  However its widely believed that Jack Dorsey twitter cofounder, had imagined a SMS platform where friends could keep tabs on each other simply by posting statuses.  Or it could have been Noah glass twitter cofounder often referred to as the twitter spiritual leader who apparently spent a long time changing the name twttr to twitter which inspired the mobile phone social media revolution.  Regardless the idea was sprung at the then company Odeo ‘hackathon’ of which both were employees and both were in the same think tank from which twitter flew out of its cage.  An idea borne at trying to get a failing tech company out of trouble. an idea borne from pressure.

“An idea borne at trying to get a failing tech company out of trouble, an idea borne from pressure”

The fact is, the most successful social media companies have come from trying to solve an issue, an inconvenience.  Not a desire to make millions, simply just to make life easier.  My advice to coffee’d out, sugar hyped tech geeks trying to make millions….stop…try to make the world a better or easier place and you might just find you’re helpful little creation to be the piece of technology that changes the world and your life.



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