/Smartphone sales are increasing and its crazy.

Smartphone sales are increasing and its crazy.

Its the smartphone life folks, and we go through them faster than we chuck out our clothing.

Global smartphone demand increased by one percent last quarter…not a huge percentage until you find out that the one percent equates to 397 million units.

Thats 397 million units in just 4 months.

Sales on a year by year average have increased by 10%.

Demand was primarily driven by Middle East and Africa, which experienced eight percent growth, and Central & Eastern Europe, where demand grew seven percent.

In Middle East and Africa, smartphone sales totaled 46.2 million units in 4Q17, a rise of eight percent year-on-year, with growth driven primarily by Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In Egypt, demand grew by an impressive 28 percent in the quarter, while in Saudi Arabia it rose 24 percent. In 2017, smartphone sales in the region totaled 176.5 million units, a rise of four percent compared to 2016.

China they hyped up mobile market was incredibly sluggish, even Apple has had to reconsider their Apple X or Z or whatever it is called due to miserable sales.

So bad were Apple sales of the iphone X that the company is ending the line.

India, another hyped up market actually declined, as the population has opted to go for low priced 4G feature phones which has cannibalized the market.

The North America smartphone market saw demand grow six percent year-on-year in 4Q17, its highest growth in over two years.

Sales value increased by four percent to USD 28.5 billion. As a result, sales in 2017 rose two percent compared to 2016, totaling 201.3 million units.

However, this recent upturn is not expected to last, and forecasters are expecting demand to be flat in 2018 compared to 2017.

So what is coming out for the smartphone market this year?

Well, rumors have it that the usual suspects are expected to release the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini – Potential 25 February 2018 launch
  • Sony Xperia XZ1 Premium – Potential 26 February 2018 launch
  • Huawei P11 – Potential 25 February 2018 launch
  • HTC U12 – Potential May 2018 launch
  • LG G7 – Potential 25 February 2018 launch
  • Nokia 9 – Potential 25 February 2018 launch
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 – Potential 25 February 2018 launch
  • Google Pixel 3 – Potential 4 October 2018 launch
  • Mi Mix 3 – Potential October 2018 launch
  • Apple Iphone 11? Potential September launch
  • Google Pixel 3 – Potential October launch
  • Microsoft Surface Phone – Probably never, the company is moving away from mobile but Microsoft can be a stubborn bastard so watch this space.
  • Snapchat Phone – Will probably never happen, and is more likely to be a phone camera function or something but still I kinda of want to see it so have added it here in the hopes I’m like the smartphone Nostradamus.


Smartphone sales are increasing and its crazy.