Ubisoft’s new game Skull and Bones aim to take on Sea of Thieves by providing a more aesthetically pleasing open world pirate game.

But its a dog eats dog kind of multiplayer world, where loyalties can easily be broken thanks to ships being manned by what seems to be one person and a full crew at your disposal as you race to become the top of the food chain.

In Skull and Bones, you play as a pirate who has traveled to the Indian Ocean to take advantage of lavish riches transported by powerful empires and trading companies.

However, these seas have become hunting grounds with rival pirates also looking to enrich themselves.

In order to survive, you will need to build a fleet, prey on lucrative trade routes and ally with other pirates to combat naval forces which are sent to protect the merchants.

Skull and Bones is due for release early 2019, however, you can register for the Beta on Ubisoft’s website for PlayStation, Xbox or on PC.


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