I have prepared an unscientific experiment to ask the question everyone has thought of but no-one wants to admit to or say…

Can the Fitbit Charge HR pick up the difference between sexy time with your partner and solo sexy time?

To find out the answer to this question I have offered myself as tribute and conducted a very unscientific experiment.

The Fitbit Charge HR has a Heart Rate monitor that is supposedly crazy accurate so have used this to determine my heart rate over a period of 5 days.

The Fitbit measures your heart rate rest bpm (beats per minute) and other activities.

I’m not entirely sure how the Fitbit ChargeHR measures (if at all) your fat burning zone bpm but apparently if my heart is beating over 93 bpm (beats per minute) I have entered the fat burning zone.

The Fitbit Charge HR also has other monitoring tools like calories and exercise activities to determine weight loss & fitness but why get hung up on such a little thing as details for this experiment?

Therefore without further ado my heart beat monitoring results (thanks to the Fitbit dashboard) is as follows…

Day One..

To be truly scientific (or so I have read) I must first have a control to which I can compare data and monitor my activity accordingly so I can see how much by heart beats doing simple mundane activities.

Therefore please see exhibit one which I have called Monday

Fitbit Monday

As exhibit one shows my heart literally races every time I get coffee, more so than my exercise routine.

Remember above 93bpm (beats per minute) is my “fat burning zone” so I have un-scientifically concluded that rather than exercise I need to drink more coffee’s instead (as clearly I burn a lot of fat doing this) and decide to make a conscious effort to increase this during the week.

Day Two

I present to you Exhibit B which I shall call Tuesday.

As you can see on the early hours of Tuesday morn I did try to initiate some sexy time with my husband so my heart rate could be monitored in the name of science.


I was however too knackered and gave up relatively quickly to which I feel asleep.

Remembering the results of exhibit Monday I decided to start off my day with coffee as this keeps me in the “fat burn zone” 

Day Three


As you can see my day in exhibit C or Wednesday (as I like to call it) was very active.

Mindful now of the ‘fat burn zone” I begin with coffee and pretty much carry that throughout my entire waking moments.

As you can see my grocery shopping trip was also in the ‘fat burn zone” however this I think was more due to stress for having to go to the supermarket with 2 boys and a husband.

To the right of the graph you can see quite a long and dramatic heartbeat pattern.

Despite what it may look like I am not having a heart attack but instead a good ole root with hubby.

I must confess at the end of this sexy time I did immediately check my heart rate monitor to which both hubby and I giggled.

Day Four

Exhibit D or Thursday I awake feeling great and alive for some reason however that does not stay around for long and soon start feeling shagged (pun totally intended)

Nearing towards the end of my day my Fitbit Charge HR emails me to say it also needs a recharge and I take this opportunity to laze on the couch and yell for wine while it does so. 


Day Five

Exhibit E I present you ladies and gentleman began with solo sexy time.


As I know my buttons quite well, it does not take me long to hit the magic mark and as I have no-one else’s needs to fulfill I immediately fall asleep after a job quickly and efficiently well done.

I drag myself through the rest of the day and avoid coffee consumption in large quantities as someone at work said I was an idiot for drinking so much coffee and despite my heart rate monitoring I had to take into account every other monitoring aspect of my Fitbit.

Despite this small technical oversight, the results remain the same.

Which brings us to the conclusion.


Having sexy time with your partner is as good as exercise (unless you’re a one minute wonder) and according to my heart rate monitor on my Fitbit Charge HR is better than solo sexy time (unless you’re a one minute wonder).

An interesting note is that I would need to hit my magic mark several times over and over again continuously to maintain the same ‘fat burn’ heart rate to compare to the sexy time heart rate I achieved with hubby.

I am however willing to accept that challenge.

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The Fitbit Charge HR is available at most retail stores and prices start from around $179NZD to $199NZD