As news around the world spreads that Samsung is halting the sale of the note 7, the Samsung powers are currently deciding whether to scrap the flagship device altogether.

Samsung today asked all global carriers to stop sales of the Galaxy Note 7s, and the exchange of original devices for replacements while the company awaits results of probe by U.S. safety regulators investigating the growing number of fires caused by the device.

Meanwhile, all production lines for the Samsung Note 7  have been stopped.

The mobile nightmare may cost the company up to $17 billion of expected sales, with 4 million devices sold putting refunds at $6.39 billion NZD or $5.12 billion AUD .

While the company can absorb financially the loss of one line of phones, the drama may impact on its other phone lines and hurt demand.

The market responded by wiping $18.8 billion off the value of Samsung.