Touted for being the biggest digital series in the Arab world, Sadeem (the name of the show), aims to create a network of young content creators from the Arab world who can realize their potential and achieve their dreams, while spreading a message of hope and positivity across their countries.

Yep, this show is about social media influencers and its judged by the likes.

Targeted at Gen Z, Arabs aged between 15 and 25, Sadeem’s finalists take home two million riyals worth of prizes, with the first winner walking away with the Grand Prize of 1 Million Riyals and a trip to San Francisco to visit the headquarters of major digital companies in the world.

The top 10 content creators will win a contract with Sadeem and will have the opportunity to take their new-found knowledge and recognition to the next level.

The show is supported by Demco Properties, Talabat, Qatar Airways, L’Oreal, Nyx, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, which sees the companies giving workshops to contestants

The show just finished with the winner announced last night after being judged by Egypt’s rising motivational speaker Kareem EsmailAlgeria’s popular online satirist Youcef Zarouta, and Kuwait’s influential fashion blogger Ascia Al Faraj.

While this series is about encouraging positivity and the power of marketing, fears that Hollywood will grab onto the idea to find the next Kardashian has me cringing as I write this.

Sadeem is basically a marketing 101 that explores branded content strategies, digital growth, content creation etc, with participants being bloggers, computer science students and the like.

A lot of focus and challenges during the series is based on the quality of content and understanding the type of content for your audience while explaining branding.

The thought of the western world using this idea for “social media influencers” instantly conjures up images of people being taught that their body is their brand and workshops on “how to airbrush your photos on Instagram”, “how to look rich when poor af” and “the right angle for your face” followed by “how to secure a reality tv show” has me preparing myself for a facepalm.

Back to Sadeem, the season has finished with Season 2 just around the corner.

Those who speak Arabic around the world are encouraged to apply, in the meantime check out the series here and for when the next round opens up. 




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