In what seems like a movie plot, the Wall street Journal has reported that Russian government backed hackers stole highly classified US cyber secrets in 2015 from a National Security contractor’s home computer.

Citing unidentified sources the Wall street journal revealed the stolen secrets included info on breaking into foreign computer networks, protection against cyber attacks and other undisclosed information.

The NSA declined to comment citing agency policy, but to be fair, if I was NASA and my secrets had been taken I wouldn’t say nothing either.

If the reports are confirmed this would make the hack one of the most known significant breaches in US history.

The largest hack title would still remain with Yahoo who had ALL of its accounts breached.

This isn’t the first time a contractor has taken highly sensitive information home and put it on their personal computer.

And no Im not talking about Hillary Clinton.

Harold Martin (another contractor for NASA) is currently awaiting charges for taking secret and uber top secret documents from intelligence agencies for up to 20yrs.

“Martin held security clearances up to top secret and sensitive compartmented information (SCI) at various times, and worked on a number of highly classified, specialized projects where he had access to government computer systems, programs and information, including classified information.” said prosecutors in a statement.

Martin’s lawyers insisted their man wasn’t another document-leaking Edward Snowden, but rather a compulsive hoarder who “loves his family and his country,” and that he simply took the secret files home with him with no ill intentions.