Karma Incarnation is a multi award winning game that centres around two souls deeply in love.

This mesmerizing and beautiful game is a hand drawn animation game that includes bizarre and fun puzzles through point and click gameplay.

Karma Incarnation was originally released in October 2016 and nearly a year later the game continues to cast its spell.

We took a look at this beautiful game to see if a year later Karma could stand the test of time.

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As a point and click with a few keys this game was surprisingly fun and just difficult enough to make it enjoyable.

With no real tutorial to guide you except a few hints, you are left guessing.

For me this is normally a sticking point, however the animation style movies told me enough of the story, and the lack of tutorial as such added to the difficulty of the puzzles.

In the game you are able to transport to other worlds through an organism like spaceship, making the game feel bigger than it is.

Each world represents another puzzle and another pretty experience where you begin to interact with other characters of this game.

As the main character you soon realise each action has a reaction, and this result is called karma.

Every evil deed will alter your karma and will change your appearance, while every good deedĀ  will purify your character.

Characters will change their responses to you based on your karma levels.

Its not often I will go back to a game, but this is one game that I enjoyed so much, I will be.

1 star.


Karma is quite frankly a beautiful artistic design with psychedelic tendencies that emit moments of awe.

I found myself quite immersed in the game thanks to the artwork highlighting the importance of great artistry in games.

Everything about this game screams beautiful, a thousand words don’t do this game justice.

1 star

Cost and Accessibility.

Karma is an indie game so is only available on steam and the price of $2.99 USD is pittance to the enjoyment you will get from this game.

This game is worth every cent and I highly recommend it.

1 star


This game is an indie game, yet the experience it gives players screams of professionalism.

The mixture of puzzles, beauty and interaction makes for a fantastic game.

1 year later after its release, Karma still stands out amongst the indie games.

1 star.

In total I give this game 4 stars out of 5.