It’s a retro 8-bit action game that was originally released on the WiiU Citadale: Gate of Souls.

It is a weird fit because the design and gameplay of 8 bit doesn’t really seem to fit the Wii U console…or controllers.

Which is probably why it’s just been released on steam with 2 new sequels (hence the trilogy in the title)

This game is nostalgic and the storyline is just as captivating and emotional as old action games of the past were..or had to be….cause there was no dialogue as such.

The music is pretty cool and fits the scene’s perfectly but let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we.


Its an 8 bit game which has two main action buttons.  And while it’s on Steam, don’t be fooled, this is better played on your controller.

Playing as female villager Sonja who is trying to get to her warrior lover (who trained her and is also the son of the dark nemesis that I presume you will have to fight as the final boss), you make your way through monsters, zombies and bosses to hopefully end up at your rendezvous point with lover warrior.

Don’t worry there is no chance of spoilers, I only made it past the first boss on the first stage. 

During Gameplay Sonja has some killer sword moves, plus she looks totes amazing.

It’s a fun game, easy to pick up and play and the bosses are just the right type of difficulty.  

Had I not been on a one hour time limit I would have kept playing (see below) and you will also see why it’s better on a controller…

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The cool part of this trilogy series is Chapter 2 will see you play as Sonja and the warriors offspring, while Chapter 3 will see you play as Sonja’s grandchild.  And for that nice story adaptation I give it a star.


8 bit design, what more can I say.

It’s probably more detailed than most 8 bit games I’ve played (and that’s a lot of 8bit games since I was born in the 80’s) and it wasn’t too nostalgic that it made me bored.

There are some very clever design tricks throughout the gameplay to give you the illusion its more advanced… so kudos to the designer.

But it’s the design of the game that makes me think this is such a weird fit for WiiU.  As twitch pro @xxlilmissvixxen pointed out to me during gameplay,  this game would have been better suited on the DS, and I couldn’t agree more.

There is however a very cool feature in the game (in settings) called ‘TV mode’ which allows you to change the screen to a old tv viewing…because back in my day we didn’t have these fancy pancy 4K digamathingys.

Cost and Accessibility.

It’s now available on STEAM  from today for Windows, Mac, and Linux for $8.99 and considering how hard the game was for me to get through – 3 chapters worth of playing seems like a decent price.

For seasoned players of scrolling retro 8 bit, you will no doubt be able to chew through these stages in a much faster and cooler fashion than I so you may want to find some discount codes or something.


Would I buy this?

Yes I would, had I not had this taste of the game though, I probably wouldn’t have.  So I do recommend if you like 8bit games, you will enjoy this storyline.

If you don’t like retro styled 8 bit games…then don’t buy this game, it’s not strong enough to convince you that 8 bit games are still cool.

Overall, Citadale is a nostalgic trip down gaming lane and the storyline is just as captivating and emotional as old action games of the past were.

I would give this game 3 solid stars. 4 stars if I was a massive retro gaming fan.