Absolver is a martial arts based RPG game available on Steam originally developed for Playstation 4 launched August of this year.

Of late it has had an update that fixes a few of the frustrations online players had been experiencing.

The fixes include updates to online connection stability, server relays in specific territories, save file corruptions and several other tweaks to smooth out reproducible bugs reported by the Absolver community.

However for myself this was the first time I was playing it anyway, so I can’t say whether or not its improved.

What I can say is I did it enjoy it with a bit of frustration thrown in there.


The game starts with a bit of a video that introduces you to the game but doesn’t tell you the back story.

And I think this is where the game for me fails.

Being immersed into a story, for me at least is a vital part of making sure that I, as a player want to stay in the game to discover more.

Not giving me enough back story, leaves me as a player hopelessly wandering around not really sure why I am doing the things I am doing.

Playing on the keyboard was quite frustrating, I didn’t know what did what and with no tutorial I was pretty much rendered useless.

A meagre tutorial is where you start but it doesn’t tell you what you need to know, you have to figure it out for yourself and that for me was frustrating as a new player to the game.

From what I gather from the portion I played I was some noob warrior given a mask to fight other masked people while trying to collect masks.

I got to choose my preferential martial arts for my custom character.

The martial arts stuff is cool I will give it that.  Choosing specific martial arts types is a unique gameplay feature.

And like all RPG’s I could increase my martial arts knowledge, by fighting and defeating bad masked people.

I just didn’t quite know how I was suppose to add these martial arts skills to my repertoire.

Whilst playing the tutorial (which I am not even sure I finished…maybe I did, I don’t know), random other masked people with names would appear.

I assumed that these were actual other people on the servers, and this made it fun…for a bit…until I realised I didn’t have a purpose and slowly began to get bored.

I think I yawned at one point after getting my arse handed to me several times by opposing players, but even when I did win with the help of other players… I still yawned.

Unfortunately for Game play I can’t give it any stars.  A few moments of fun a star does not make.


Design wise the game is beautiful, stunning even.

The artwork is pretty, the menu’s are genuinely attractive.

The backdrop, scene’s, areas, all of it, great attention to detail was given to this game and it looks amazing because of it.

Absolver definitely gets a star for that.

Cost and Accessibility.

Absolver is available on PS4 and on Steam.

On Steam its $29.99 or $39.99 for the Deluxe edition.

Considering how long it would take you to figure this game out before you play it for ‘real’ I guess the price tag is ok.

Its not as if you will finish this game anytime soon so not a bad price for the amount of time it will take you to clock the game.

For me, I wouldn’t pay this price though, it took too long for my liking just understanding what I was doing and to be honest I was glad I was sent a review copy.

But for fans out there if you want to change my mind, I’m more than happy to give it a second go, if you want to show me the error of my ways but for the meantime this gets half a star…cause I’m not convinced.


It’s aight.

I wouldn’t say this game is amazing, and I probably would have forced myself to play through it if I had bought it, but if I have to force myself to play a game just so I feel like I didn’t get ripped off, then I probably got ripped off.

And look to be fair, I am more than happy to give it another go, in fact I  might just to see whether it was a one-off terrible experience, maybe it’s better on the PS4?.

Total stars for the meantime 1 1/2 stars