Reserve with Google is Alphabet Inc’s newest search tool that allows you to reserve appointments and pay directly from search.

The tool launched in March so far sees users booking appointments and pay without having to make a phone call or be directed to fill in a form on a separate website.

So far businesses such as gyms and salons in the US have been benefiting from the service as its a quick and easy to use and pay process for customers.

News outlet Reuters approached several companies discovering that the booking service had seen an incredible increase in bookings with 75% of those new customers.

While Google has not released any statistics, they are taking interest from businesses who think they will benefit.

To become listed on the program, businesses must use one of the company’s scheduling ‘reserve with google’ partners (which you can access here).

You also have to have your business listed on Google maps.

This new booking process will most likely evolve from a search on devices product to its Google Home and Assistant programs, possibly allowing customers to book and reserve appointments directly with their voice.

While voice purchasing is already available on Google Home, the move to include reserving appointments will see a lift in Google wallet users.




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