Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 6.59.21 pmSure you do! Ericsson brought out these (Sighs as she remembers long battery life).

Anyway Ericsson don’t really do these as much anymore, what they do is what we would think as being more important…Expanding LTE…a fancy fangdangled name for 4G.

Ericsson are considered to be quite a big threat in the telecommunications and network service providers infact, 40 percent of the world’s mobile traffic goes through Ericsson networks and the once-upon-a-time mobile maker has just secured Vodafone’s “Project Spring” 5yr contract which will involve upgrading and expanding of Vodafone’s 2G and 3G network.   As well as a ambitious build-out of 4G LTE along with professional services such as network-roll out, integration, tuning & optimisation as well as support services.

Vodafone’s Project spring is an aggressive investment plan aimed at raising 9 billion dollars to boost its broadband and obviously 4G networks around the world.  With an increase in data usage for tablets and mobile phones, quality, and availability is becoming a key component in retaining customers.  And who better to help you with that than a company thats been involved in communications since 1876 ?  I kid you not the founding Ericsson daddy started a telegraph repair shop!

I used to feel sorry for Ericsson thinking it was a mobile phone failure…how unbelievably and stupidly wrong I was.  Ericsson has over 33,000 patents in wireless technologies with many cross leased to “other parties” and Vodafone is just another new lover to intertwine with in the proverbial bed of technological roses.  You may remember Sony-Ericsson before Sony bought out Ericsson’s stake in the mobile company and trotted off changing its name to Sony Mobile Communications like a jilted ex wife. Microsoft’s feet use to dangle outside the Ericsson duvets once upon a time too back in 1999.  But another lover caught its eye and determined to have her Ericsson bought 50% plus one share of Nortel’s portion of its joint R&D venture in South Korea with LG in 2010.  And soon the happily married technobots were named LG-Ericsson.  Determined to keep its new bride happy Ericsson flexed its metaphorical love muscle at once lover Microsoft and tempted by the memories Microsoft sold ALL of its shares to Ericsson of its Microsoft Mediaroom – Business and TV Solutions in 2013 making Ericsson the largest provider of multiscreen solutions in the WORLD.  Im sure there’s a podcast on this site somewhere about @PhidMcAwesome and @V8Matty attending a LG launch for the largest 3D LCD wall in Silvia Park…..


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