While everyone knows about Reddit’s secret Santa thanks to the celebrities who grace its merry hallways not many are aware of Reddit’s secret Santa for pets.

This Reddit is not only funny, but heart-warming as secret Santa animal lovers treat others furry or not so furry friends to a Christmas treat.

Here are just some of Reddits secret Santa pets from this year’s present pets 2016 

A popular gift for the feline variety this year were sharks…


And while some got new beds, some lucky pet mates got whole new digs…


Dragon wings for the reptilian companions were popular as gifts this year


While some pets were suspicious of Santas gifts…


Happily most pets like this fella below were in luurrvve with their packages


While some santas managed to buy presents for the seemingly impossible…I mean what do you buy a snake?


Apparently a croc skull..

While other santas I think just wanted to see Princess Leia as a pussy


Or a pussy into a lion…


But some presents were just plain touching.

Valerieh22 lost her beloved pet so this secret santa sent her a beautiful keepsake in memory of her dearly missed friend.


Merry Christmas to you and your pets.