Quake Champions is free to play during the Early Access which started today and ends next Sunday to allow players to give it a go.

And if you do download the game you won’t just get to try the Free-to-Play version of Quake Champions while in Early Access, but can continue to play for free even after the event concludes on June 17.

To download the game you can access it through the Bethesda Launcher or on Steam.

Queue up for a game and once you’ve played your first match during the F2P Trial Week, you’re set to play keep playing Quake Champions even after the event is over.

So why would you want to give this game a crack?

Well, Quake Champions is getting a boost as the game pushes for players to enter the E-sports arena.

Quake has always been an esports game, however, Bethesda is investing in more grassroots tournaments, bigger prize pools and more competition tours.

So want to give it a go? Simply head to Steam or bethesda.net and download the launcher and grab the quake champions game.

But be quick, time is running out.

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