/Privacy watchdogs still unhappy over Windows 10

Privacy watchdogs still unhappy over Windows 10

EU data protection watchdogs are still concerned about Windows 10 privacy settings despite Microsoft’s announcements of changes to the installation process, with the group calling the proposed fix, insufficient.

Made up of EU’s 28 authorities, the Article 29 Working Party is responsible for enforcing data protection law and protecting the data of its citizens in the EU.

The watchdog group are concerned over the installation settings and the lack of control Windows 10 users have over how Microsoft processes the data it obtains, or even what data it obtains.

In a letter last year the EU privacy watchdog group wrote to Microsoft requesting further explanatory information from the company for the use of personal data.

As well as asking Microsoft to show them “how the opt-outs, default settings and other available control mechanisms presented during the installation of Windows 10 operating system” and asked them to explain what legal right Microsoft had to obtain the data in the first place.

Microsoft responded with a proposed new express installation screen which presents Window 10 users with five options to limit or switch off certain kinds of data processing.

However the EU privacy group¬†reinforced to Microsoft last week that “user consent can only be valid if fully informed, freely given and specific.”, noting that Microsoft still failed to inform users as to what data was ¬†being collected

The group then went on to say that the five options given to users was not valid & did not fully informing Windows 10 users as to why or what data was obtained and did not accept that moving from a “full” to a “basic” setting was an understanding from Windows 10 users that Microsoft will collect less data.