The much talked about PlayStation Neo has arrived, and it’s not the Neo.


Sony have dusted off their gloves and turned up to fight in the ongoing console wars.

In the blue corner we have the shiny new PlayStation 4 Pro weighing in at a recommended retail of $640 NZD and packing HDR gaming with 4K video ability.

On the cards this makes for a pretty even battle with the Xbox One S in the green corner, also packing HDR gaming with 4K video ability but not hitting the wallet as hard possibly making it the better buy for now. If you are looking at VR then PlayStation may still have the upper hand with it’s release date only a matter of weeks away.

PlayStation 4 Pro

  • PlayStation 4 Pro delivers enhanced experiences through improved image processing capability and support for 4K quality
  • Allows games to deliver graphics with far more detail and unprecedented visual precision
  • 4K video playback support to deliver 4K streaming video services such as Netflix and YouTube
  • Support of HDR imaging technology, enabling reproduction of brightness and darkness while realizing a much wider range of colours
  • Available in New Zealand from November 10, 2016


Slimmer and lighter PlayStation 4

  • New form factor reduces size by more than 30% and makes console 25% lighter in weight than previous models
  • Increased energy efficiency, cutting power consumption by more than 34%
  • All PS4 systems including the new slimmer model and PS4 Pro will support HDR imaging technology via an update
  • 500GB PlayStation 4 available in New Zealand from September 16th, 2016.
  • 1TB PlayStation 4 available in New Zealand from September 29th, 2016.





So where does this leave you, the gamer?

Well it leaves you exactly where you were before. If you have a current PS4 or Xbox One there’s little improvement to warrant an upgrade to either of the new consoles. If however you are still on the fence about next gen consoles then it is definitely an appealing prospect to dive in and get the newer options.

The best advice I can offer is this: Buy the console your friends have so you can play socially, or buy the console that has the exclusive game titles you want to play. At the end of the day there is little difference in the abilities of any of these consoles when compared to their opposite.ps4_7000_12_1473281620PlayStation 4 Pro