Pixel 2 has launched with a Pixel 2 and a Pixel 2 XL.

Heavily inundated with Google Assistant, the Pixel includes gesture based features, augmented reality stickers, active edges (meaning you squeeze the sides of the phone to activate certain features like your camera), is water resistant and will last up to 7hrs.

All of this on a 5.5inch for the pixel 2 or on the larger 6 inch screen for the pixel 2 XL.

Design wise it’s nothing great, it looks almost identical to its predecessor, but there is one drawback.

There is no headphone jack.

When Apple removed the headphone jack people were up in arms, so the decision to remove the jack seems a bit odd.

However a headphone adapter does come with the phone.

Spec wise it’s standard with a rear 12.2MP and Front 8MP camera, Snapdragon Processor, 3 mics, USB-C and is Daydream ready (Google’s VR system).

This phone however has a definite audience in mind and Google haven’t mucked around in targeting that specific make.

With 3 mics and the gesture features this phone is ideal for those streamers and youtubers who are always on the go.

While the instagrammer, flickr and facebook nation will love the new services now available on the pixel 2.

Yes, this service will probably be available on all of the latest androids, what is only available to pixel owners, is unlimited storage. UN-FRIGGEN-LIMITED!!!

Meanwhile its camera is using something called ‘Dual pixel sensor” that divides every pixel into 2 which basically means it can autofocus quicker, acting as a second lens.

Which means the Pixel 2 can also allow for blurring of backgrounds without needing a dual camera.

Now for the price, its $1,079 AUD from the Google store for just the Pixel 2 and there is a waitlist.

Meanwhile the NZ Google store was not updated at the time of writing this article, suggesting there may be a bit of wait.