A South Florida Pastor and YouTuber, Troy Gramling, will take an unprecedented move towards transparency and move into a glass house with his wife Stephanie on Sept. 10, 2017 where it will be livestreamed —  uncensored at myglasshouse.com for the entire month of September.

For reasons Im not even sure why….

“We are leveraging this month in the glass house to rise above the white noise of the world and share with everyone how our lives are very similar to theirs.

We pray that by watching what we go through, it will help others with their own relationships and make them feel stronger and more encouraged,” said Gramling.

The pastor will step out of the glass house on weekends to teach from the main stage of his 14,000-member congregation, based in South Florida, the Caribbean and in South America.

No stranger to stunts Pastor Gramling, during a sermon series on doing what others say is impossible, teamed up with stuntman Mike Buse – by sitting in a car that was blown up, and emerged unscathed, held services at a tatoo parlour (while getting inked in the process) and arranged for an actual lion to be present as a prop for his series on “Wild”.

Now both him and his wife will live in a glass house for a month on myglasshouse.com

Praise the Lord for livestreaming