There is nothing like sharing a train with hundreds of dressed up cosplayers on the way to OZ comic con in Sydney.

Today thousands of fans of comics, movies, tv shows and films descended onto the villagesque suburb of glebe dressed in attire that would have taken weeks if not months to carefully craft.

Being HashtagME’s first Australian comic con it was surprisingly¬†awesome to discover that we would not have to wait long hours in traffic (unlike Auckland) with our Uber making it from the town hall train station to the front door of the Sydney Exhibition¬†Centre in less than 10mins.

Upon exiting the Uber, we were met with smiles from zombies, criminals from the marvel and dc universe, LoL characters and virtually every character as we made our way to our registration point.

For us here at HashtagME it was like being greeted by our people… we were home.

Unlike the NZ counterpart Armgeddon, OZ ComicCon was incredibly well planned with none of the line crushing feeling making for a really great experience, allowing you to stroll calmly through the booths, exhibitions, and panels.

There was even a section dedicated to the under 5s to play in and interact with characters from Disney.

One feature that was similar to NZ and stood out was the community atmosphere, as people who probably would never acknowledge one another were momentarily bound together by a fond love of cosplay and pop culture.

Another very cool experience was the demonstrations from special fx

We took a moment to find out how to make leathery stuff with @tandyleather #OzComicCon #leather #tanning #ozcomiccon2016 #ozcomicconsydney

Panels and demos were scattered throughout the day which gave you enough time to go shopping at the stalls that sold everything from key blades to Nintendo backpacks.

Hundreds lined up for moments with their favourite stars and to gain their signature with prices ranging from $30 (with NZ’s own Karl Urban) to $50 with one of the top US actors.

But if you were patient enough and had a keen eye you probably could have struck up a conversation with your favourite star as they toured the stalls or bump into them accidently like I did with Quantum Break and Xmen star Shawn Ashmore.

(By the way, his eyes really are that piercingly blue)

As cool as the stars are, it really is the attendees cosplay that are the real famous attractions of the weekend.

These costumes are ingenious, funny, amazing and you can’t help but be in awe of the creativity of these fans.

Tomorrow is day 2 of Sydney’s OZ comicon with Brisbane next weekend (see here to win free tickets) and I cannot highly recommend enough – grab your mates, your kids, and head down to OZ comic con Sydney – you won’t regret it.