/Out of juice – again!

Out of juice – again!

Running out of battery power during a busy day can be as bad as running out of petrol on the motorway.

Dammit – out of juice again.

Imagine this situation. You have been away from the home or office all day, your phone battery is at 5% and you can’t find a plug anywhere. I found myself in such a situation. I was at the airport and my flight was delayed, I spend ages trying to find a plug at a busy airport (needle in a haystack anyone?). So I finally found one – behind a pillar and off course my iPhone cable is too short so I sat there on the floor guarding my territory until my flight.

Extra bagage.

Recently I make the pilgrimage to the plush Hashtag Radio studios in the Tron. As on any trip, being an iPhone user, I packed my wall charger, car charger, car charger cable blah, blah blah. This has been the scenario since being an iPhone user. My mate who is a Samsung Galaxy user packed…2 extra batteries – thats it.

This is no way to live.

So if Apple are not willing to help, I have to turn else where. Enter the Mophie Juice Pack. This is a cover for your phone (comes in many device shapes)  not only protects, but has up 120% back up power for your device. As you run low you just flick the switch and “bing” its charging. No more cables for me!

Power to the people!

They also have battery packs for other USB device too. Check out the site here http://www.mophie.com