Yes it’s an iron that connects to your smartphone, and apart from the really helpful ability to turn the iron off should I have left it on I don’t quite know what else or why else I would want my iron connected.

Made by Laurastar it’s called Laurastar smart and it uses bluetooth tech to connect to an app on your mobile

Im not gonna lie this hardly gets my tech juices flowing, but it could possibly be due to the fact that I am merely a beginner as this iron contains tutorial levels…. beginner, advanced or expert that coaches the iron user to acquire expert ironing skills.

It even includes a “reward” system, which unless it contains points that I can use to purchase actual products, or at least make coin collecting sounds, I dont think is going to encourage or convince me that ironing is fun.

However this super uber iron of the future has no button, its like the Apple of Irons and has decided it doesn’t need one, instead it has a sensor built into the iron handle that captures movements and triggers steam automatically.

Thats right folks, the iron has gesture control.

On the board itself, the clever design of the “Origami” cover extends the coaching: its lines also serve as visual markers designed to help better position and fold clothes.

How much will this iron set you back?  No idea but apparently it will set you back more than a grand.

Now I have requested a trial where hopefully as a beginner ironer I can give this puppy a whirl, but Im also interested to see whether my sister in law who is a costume maker person (I cant remember her actual title) deals with ironing and costumes for her fulltime job at Weta and her other fashion design expo stuff will find this at all ground breaking.

Hopefully she doesnt kill me when I send her a iron as my ‘care package’ for her.