Research New Zealand have released their report which shows the biggest concern for New Zealanders is privacy and the effect of social media.

For example, 53 percent of respondents in the NZ survey stated they worry about privacy issues when it comes to social media and 45 percent considered it has an overall negative effect on young people.

When it comes to their own personal use of social media, a large percentage of respondents admitted that they try to limit the amount of time they spend on social media (44 percent), although only 28 percent felt they spent too much time on it.

A relatively high percentage of respondents reported that they use social media to express their opinions about current events (13 percent).

Privacy issues are a big concern for NZer’s as nearly three-quarters of all Kiwi’s have been subjected to a targeted scam either online or by phone.

One-third of respondents to the research also stated their computers had stopped working because of a virus.

While another one-third of respondents stated they had been asked for their personal log-on details by someone whose identity they weren’t sure of (29 percent).

Twelve percent stated their computer had been hacked and five percent stated they had been the victim of bullying.

And these cyber safety issues differed according to the age and devices used.

Younger respondents, aged 18 to 34 years, were more likely to have never experienced a cybersecurity issue when compared to those who have (37 percent compared to 27 percent).

Respondents who had experienced a cybersecurity issue where more likely to own or have access to a PC (49 percent) when compared with those who had never experienced such an issue (38 percent).

Kiwi’s who had experienced a cybersecurity issue were also more likely to have disconnected from social media for a prolonged period of time in the last year as a result –  highlighting that NZer’s really don’t have time for that shit.

The Research conducted found that kiwis were also extremely active on social media sites with 79% of those surveyed visiting a social media site in the past 7 days.

An interesting find in devices was that Kiwi’s are more likely to use laptops over PC’s, with nearly half of users also owning a tablet.

Of those who spent the most time on Facebook, the research also found they were more likely than those who spent the most time on YouTube to also visit other social networking sites such as Instagram (39
percent compared with 20 percent), Snapchat (29 percent compared with 12 percent) and
LinkedIn (29 percent compared with 20 percent).

Females show a greater preference for Facebook, while males prefer YouTube.

Respondents who spent the most time on YouTube where more likely than those who spent the
most time on Facebook to also visit the social news and discussion website Reddit

Snapchat and LinkedIn equally shared the same amount of visits, although age would probably be the big difference between these two, as Twitter visits dropped falling behind them with Whatsapp.

Facebook and Youtube were the winners of the day, taking the lion share in both visited and time spent, with Instagram falling in third place followed by Pinterest.

Research New Zealand are the New Zealand experts in social research for the public sector and reflecting this, are a member of the All of Government Consultancy Services Panel for Policy, Research and Development and the report was released last week with a focus on Kiwi opinions and use of social media and cybersecurity.

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