The US trade comission has announced it will investigate a complaint by Nokia Technologies alleging that Apple Inc has imported smart phones, tablet computers and other electronics that infringe upon its patents.

Apple who is notorious for suing companies actively promotes its agressive enforcement in its intellectual property interests.

Famously in 2010 Apple tried to monopolise on the letter ‘i’ after trying to sue small companies worldwide in an effort to trademark the letter.

The company even tried to prevent New York City from trademarking “the big apple”

Nokia announced its decision to sue Apple after failing to strike a deal in mediation.

Nokia is seeking a cease and desist order and a limited exclusion order in the case.

This isn’t the first time Nokia have sued Apple.

In 2009 Nokia took on Apple in regard to patents relating to wireless technology.

Apple countersued but agreed to settle in 2011 for an undisclosed amount of cash and future ongoing iPhone royalties to be paid by Apple, with Apple’s royalty payments retroactively back-payable to the iPhone’s introduction in 2007.