Old Moustache Gameworks’ story-driven psychological horror game NO70: EYE OF BASIR is here now!

Take on the role of Aras and search for your brother Erhan as you investigate “grandmother’s house” – the eerie House No. 70 – in this atmospheric, first-person exploration game. Armed with nothing but the mysterious Eye of Basir, you’ll need to stare darkness in the face to avoid the terrors lurking in the shadows – solving intricate puzzles to save your brother and reveal lost childhood memories …
Brothers Aras and Erhan grew up together in their grandmother’s house. Through the years, the two noticed strange, paranormal events that defied logical explanation. Objects would frequently change places – and the brothers would sometimes feel something passing by their door.


It has been 20 years since their grandmother’s death.

Erhan and Aras have followed separate paths: Erhan became a successful archaeologist – and Aras, a famous creative director. Erhan realizes something doesn’t feel right, so he returns to the old house in search of answers – and isn’t heard from again. Aras resolves to go looking for Erhan in House No. 70 – and what he encounters there far surpasses his darkest nightmares …


Developed by Turkish studio Old Moustache Gameworks, the English version of No70: Eye of Basir features voice acting by David Gasman – known for Rayman, Fahrenheit, Beyond: Two Souls, Alone in the Dark 2 & 3, and more.
Volkan Demir (Founder & Director, Old Moustache Gameworks):
“We couldn’t be more proud of No70: Eye of Basir, which just so happens to be the studio’s debut title. House No. 70 is out there. The game is based on real events that took place in that very house decades ago.”
Evren Özgüner (Community Manager, Old Moustache Gameworks):
“Gamers have been excited about No70: Eye of Basir ever since we ran the Steam Greenlight campaign back in 2015. We’re happy to say that their patience has been rewarded. No70: Eye of Basir is unlike any first-person exploration game on Steam today: a harrowing journey that transcends blood ties and time itself.”

Can Aras keep his sanity, rescue his brother, and uncover the truth about the paranormal events surrounding House No. 70?