What is the meaning to life, or the secret of happiness? IBM’s artificial intelligence computer Watson can answer these after ingesting 2000 TED talks.
Watson maps out talks by topics and insights about the speakers allowing users to browse through them all.
And Watson’s answer to the meaning of life? “First accrue wealth, power and prestige…then lose it”

Silk Road Website creator has been sentenced to life in prison as well as forfeit over $189 million. The 31yr old developer Ross Ulbritch was sentenced after a case that involved henchmen, murders, drugs, sex and that was just from the geeks.

Uber drivers in Mexico are being headhunted by Taxi drivers resulting in bloody street battles. Taxi drivers worldwide complain they’re losing their livelihoods to the services. Mexico has a bloody history of vigilante and gang related battles.

Google has announced project Soli. A sensor that uses radar technology and turns it into a gesture sensor. The aim is so that it will control everything in your household. Think of all those movies that have witches and wizards who use their hands to turn on and off things. Basically, project Soli will allow you to have your own magical powers inside your home.

Gamestop the world’s largest retailer of video game products reported higher than normal sales due to Mortal Kombat X and Evolve. There was also an increase in mobile game downloads.
Game stop shares closed yesterday at $40.92 on the NY stock exchange after the news rising more than 5%.