Bought to you by @charismcawesome 13 Oct 2014 first aired on Hashtag ME network

On this weeks HashtagRadioNZ News Roundup Apple’s larger iphone and Apple watch were released this week, however customers may have to wait 3-4 weeks to even get their hands on the larger screen iphones. The iphone 6 which officially goes on sale on the 19th has suffered shipment delays with some customers having to wait up to 6 weeks.

News leaked earlier this week of Microsofts impending purchase of Mojang, best known for the game Minecraft. Sources are saying the deal may have reached $2.5 billion although true numbers will be confirmed this coming monday. Microsoft is looking to draw users onto its mobile network and surface pro tablet.

Who remembers the tech company Sharp? Well they’re back and will begin mass producing a new type of next generation displays with Qualcomm in 2017. The displays will use less energy and withstand harsher temps than LCD’s used in most smartphones and tablets. The displays will use high speed shutters, brighter colours as there will be no colour filter which will allow more backlight illumination.

Ebay has joined the ad network wat and will begin running ads on its mobile app in the later part of this year. Ebay users spend 150 minutes on its mobile app per month.

Facebook has approached YouTube’s biggest content producers to distribute their video’s on Facebook. Walt Disney and Collective Digital studio can already be found on the social media platform

And of course this week was TechEd14, Microsoft NZ’s largest event of the year. Starting very somberly due to the death of one of its keynote speakers who passed away on the way to NZ from Los Angele’s. However the show must go on and HashtagMe attended the event, and you can catch their interviews and session round ups here>>>

And that was the HashtagRadioNZ news round up

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