The newest threat to the Finance industry comes in the form of a new game on app stores called COMISH and its rattling the industry to the core.

The reason?, COMISH lets you play as a real stockbroker and take INSANE risks with your client’s money.

“It’s striking a nerve because it’s largely true to the nature of the Finance Industry. They often take irresponsible risks with other people’s money, and that’s exactly what this game lets you do,” says creator of the game, Jonathan Sheklow.

Jonathan worked as a professional Stockbroker in NYC for 10 years. After getting completely burnt out by the stress and savage greed of it all, he decided to do what any ex-stockbroker would do; he got to work on a video game that would hit the entire industry below the belt.

First, (and probably the biggest reason the game is gaining so much attention), it offers FREE, REAL gift card prizes. Players all over the globe are competing in the weekly “Invest-A-Contest” to see who can get the highest stock portfolio value.

Second, it’s a very funny and addicting game. The entire game takes place on Black Monday, 1987. The whole game has a really colorful and unique 80’s Wall Street theme to it, as can be seen at

Third, it’s so easy to play. “You just download it and start playing, I love it. I don’t have time for big learning curves so this is perfect,” says professional Finance Analyst Chad M (who works at one of the biggest banks in America)

Comish can be found here for Android and here for IOS.