NEON is New Zealands latest addition to paid TV and movie services streaming over the internet.

Now available as an app on your PlayStation4.


For those looking for an innovative new way to watch NEON’s streaming content, they can do so through PlayStationVR (PS VR), the virtual reality system powered by PlayStation 4.  By embracing this new technology, NEON viewers can use PS VR’s cinematic mode to immerse themselves in a journey through the seven kingdoms of Westeros in Game of Thrones, experience the A.I populated futuristic western-themed park in Westworld or the epic battle between former allies, Captain America and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War.psvr-overview-two-column-lights-camera-03-eu-06oct16

Krister Robinson, Head of Marketing, Sony Interactive Entertainment New Zealand and generally awesome guy said, “PlayStation 4 is not only the best place to play great games, it is also the best place to be entertained and building on the strong suite of entertainment services available on PS4 is a priority for us. With thousands of hours of content and a line-up of great new shows, we are thrilled to introduce the NEON app to New Zealand’s favourite current generation home console.”

NEON GM, Cuan Gray commented, “What better way to expand NEON’s reach than to partner up with the most popular gaming console in New Zealand. Our content is the perfect accompaniment to PS4 with series like Fargo, Big Little Lies, The Walking Dead and Catastrophe, plus the much awaited Twin Peaks coming express in May. NEON also has an impressive selection of big blockbuster movies like X-Men Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence and Warcraft and the upcoming Superman Returns.”

Neon is a division of SKY network television limited.

For a free 30 day free trial head to to register then download the NEON app from the PlayStation Store. Regular pricing is currently $20 per month.


NEON comes to PS4