1795834_640381089411701_5383649773262664314_o-1024x576Last week 2K games sent me a copy of the highly anticipated NBA 2K16, the latest in a long line of critically acclaimed basketball titles from the sports games powerhouse. Now its no secret that I my only knowledge of sports is pro wrestling (Bring on WWE 2K16!), so I decided that I would be the worst person to review this game. However my 13 year old son Tre McAwesome is not only a huge NBA fan but is also an up and coming pro basketball player himself (I’ll hold back my proud daddy bragging about his sporting achievements). :

NBA 2K16 is a video game turning one of the most played games in the world into a virtual game for basketball lovers.


facescan-nba2k15Face scan:

Face scan is a big feature that hasn’t changed much from 2K15 from what I have seen. For example the struggle to keep your face still & the length of time the face sculpting takes, only to have it turn out like a chewed up face that 2k spat on a character. It does work well but does take some time to master.


My career/living the dream:

My career also known as living the dream is NBA 2K16’s story mode where you can live the dream of becoming an NBA star and joining your favourite NBA team through the NBA draft. One thing that had stood out for me was the stories twists and emotional cut scenes that you would never think would happen. I really enjoyed being able to play for a college and high school.

Also 2K fans will never have to deal with the rookie showcase in 2k16 as we have in every NBA 2K game until 2K15 and looks like they will keep on working for a better story line than just start off in the in the rookie showcase which is one of the reasons I enjoy playing. I wasn’t a big fan of the spike lee interviews that was showed in the cut scenes. But every other cutscene had my eyes glued on the screen.


My park:

maxresdefaultMy park is just one of the ways to play co-op with other players online and make squads to create win streaks and level up your character.

There are four different stages of levels you can be: Rookies, Pros, all-stars, and legends. To enter the next stage of levels you must go through 5 levels of each stage, It might sound a little complicated but if you play the game yourself it will make alot of sense.

last time i played my park it was laggy but wasn’t to bad but still no one likes lag when they play games online. but my park is my favourite feature in NBA 2K16.


My player:

nba-2k16-uniform-design_1sl0qas8s1u181iz8u6zt1mb18My player is making a character for your my career and my park, 2K sports have put alot into this as well. The details are definitely a huge part in games and 2K has set the bar high for sports video games in my opinion because the tattoos look authentic as well as the eyes, Face Shapes, Hair, Clothes, Sportswear, Facial hair, Shoes and a lot more.



MyGM is pretty much becoming a GM of any NBA team you would like. You can draft players, Trade players, change the starting lineup and bench, Fire coaching management, And a lot more. I also enjoy playing my GM so I can adjust my favourite team (Golden State Warriors) how I like it and play a full game with the team.


My team:

My team is bringing NBA cards into a game. Buy packs with your VC and open them to collect players and add to your squad and set up your starting lineup. I am not the biggest fan of this feature but i do enjoy watching others play. My GM is also another way to co-operate with other players and play games to show off your players and skills.



Pro am is a new feature that 2K sports has brought to NBA 2K16 where you create an online team with your friends online and take on other teams for VC. You can create your own court for your team to play on. I think it was a success for 2K sports and would like to see it in 2K17 next year.


Written by Tre McAwesome