/Review – MXGP2

Review – MXGP2

mxI’m a huge fan of driving games and was terribly disappointed to see Phid review the first MXGP back when it first came out because I wanted to play it.

Now with the release of MXGP2 I’m pleased to be able to have a crack at some big air, flying dirt, the sounds and smells of real Motocross and some great fun.

MXGP2 or “Motocross Grand Prix 2” for those who prefer entire words, is a racing sim of which their website claims “Easy to enjoy and fully realistic!” “riding with the complete roster of the official Championship of MXGP and MX2” “18 official tracks from the 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship, to live the amazing experience of MXoN and to scrub in the made-up indoor circuits.”


MXGP2 has implemented a ton of customisation for both rider and bike. Set yourself up in your favourite brands of race clothing, boots, goggles, and helmets and do the same with your bike.

We all love to spend hours flicking through various pairs of pants looking for that ultimate match with our gloves.

AWESOME! Let me at it!

You can probably tell I was really looking forward to it and really wanted to like this game.

Such disappointment. Now this isn’t necessarily a reflection on the game so much as it is on my own abilities to play the game (maybe). There are a lot of controls to master and this is possibly where I fall short.mpgx

Mastering clutch, back brake, front brake and rider position along with throttle and steering is something I am unable to achieve, and clearly I suck. The fun, speed and excitement I was yearning for went down in a heap on practically every corner. The graphics are fine and the sense of elevation around different tracks is superb, I just can’t ride well enough to get the enjoyment I need to carry on with a game. I have persevered for as long as I can and still have not had a podium finish.


Riding consists of getting a good start then avoiding traffic as you all fly into the first few turns and jostle for space. There seem to be a few quirks with the way riders get knocked over by other riders that seem to go against real life logic but hey, it’s a game. You will need to master several maneuvers to have any success. Throwing a big whip over a jump actually serves to keep your bike lower which is supposed to help with your speed on landing and blah blah blah energy drink blah whip blah big air blah blah bail.


This game is better than me. I can’t seem to put it all together in the heat of battle. So with much shame I offered the game to some friends to try, expecting to see them fly into the lead and casually romp away to victory. But redemption was mine! Even with assists on and settings to ensure an easy race no one could win an event. All complaining about the same difficulty in cornering at speed without shooting off the track sideways or doing an awkward slalom when trying to power out of the bends.

This leads me to two possible outcomes. My friends and I all suck at this particular game, or it’s simply too difficult to play casually and have any success. Now realistically it’s probably a combination of both. I’m sure with lots and lots of gameplay I could get to a point where I am able to win some races, I like to be challenged. But sadly who has time for such a commitment when you have spent the first entire week feeling like a failure and seemingly getting no better.




MXGP2 offers all the ingredients to be a fantastic game but I think the developers spent so much time on the riding physics that they forgot your average gamer won’t spend 6 months mastering how to corner. And so it falls short of the epic fun time I was hoping for.

There will be people out there that will enjoy this game immensely but sadly I am not one of them. Maybe one day MXGP3 will see some playable fun return to the game. Let’s hope.