Roving reporter (aka Lucky Bastard) Phid McAwesome, today reported the new Lumia 830 will be unleashed upon New Zealand via Spark (Telecom) November 13th however enterprise orders are already being taken, while the new Lumia 930 will be released shortly after via Vodafone NZ.

At Microsofts media scrum today in Sydney, reporters were given the Lumia handsets to examine and trial ahead of the NZ release. The Phone’s are priced around the $700-$800 NZD range for the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 830 is around the $500-600 range, as Microsoft brings in the two affordable flagship phones in time for the Christmas Market.

However if you thought the new phones would herald in the Cortana era for the windows 8.1 phones….think again.  Lumia spokesman confirmed that Cortana will not be coming to NZ.

To follow the lucky bastard Phid McAwesome’s escapades at Microsoft Sydney click here  or follow the hashtag #LumiaSydney on twitter

To find out more first hand details on the Lumia phones, why NZ wont be getting Cortana and insider gossip from the Microsoft Lumia Event listen to this weeks #HashtagRadioNZ live show this Saturday from 5pm-6pm NZT HERE or catch the podcast HERE.

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